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Sauna FAQ's

How much time should I spend in the Infrared sauna?

Most sessions are beneficial at 20-30 minutes, although less or more time (up to 60 minutes) can be done as well. 


Are there any concerns for using the sauna?

If used incorrectly, yes.

Some adverse effects when using an infrared sauna may include:
● Faster dehydration due to sweating more
● May promote light-headedness
● Heat exhaustion or heat stroke
● An adverse effect of medication due to increased blood circulation
● Persons with chemical sensitivities


Can I get locked in the sauna? What if I'm forgotten in there!?


There is no lock on the sauna door. The door has a mirrored panel, so your safety, wellbeing, and presence in our sauna will always be accounted for! You will be checked in on until your session is completed.


What if I get too hot, do I have to suffer through the time, and stay inside?

You will have the ability to adjust the temperature yourself at any time during your session. You can also vent the air by openinf the ceiling vent, and/or the sauna door.


What do I wear? Is there any prep for me to do beforehand?

You will be wrapped in a towel while using the sauna. Clothing is not allowed inside the sauna except for swimwear. But the best effects are achieved when just in a towel. Nudity is not allowed in our saunas. 

You should shower before coming to your sauna session, to remove any oils or lotions. Refrain from using any lotions, creams or deodorants before your sauna session. If you have dry skin, coconut oil can be lightly applied. We can also provide you with organic, all natural moisturizers.

Hydrate. Drinking good water before you start, and while in the sauna. 



What happens after my sauna session is over?

Once the timer stops, the heat and lights will stop. You will be instructed to stay in the sauna for about 10mins with the door cracked to allow your body temperature to come back down to approximate riom temperature. Once you exit, you will have hot towels and cleansing wipes to dry off and refresh with. Its recommened that you do not shower or put on any body products for another few hours. If your skin is dry, please use an organic, all natural moisturizer. Remember, your pores will be open, and will absorb more quickly whatever is on your skin.


Who should not use the sauna, or use caution?

You should always consult with your health care provider before engaging in any new treatments or therapy. If you are sick, have a sore throat or fever, open wounds. Please discuss with us ahead of time if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart condition, pregnant, skin conditions such as eczema or psorasis, currently under medical treatment, injuries, sprains/strains, breaks/fractures, or surgeries within the past month.


Age limit for sauna?


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